Mont Tremblant, Quebec

Mont Tremblant in Quebec is our favourite playground. We go there in the winter for some skiing and snowboarding, and in the summer for some golf. We visited during the August long weekend of 2011 with the whole family.

We checked out the Birds of Prey show at the top of the mountain. The birds flew so low over the audience causing everyone to duck and scream. It was quite funny. By the way, a feather fell off from a falcon during the show. Someone from the audience picked it up and it was quickly taken back by one of the trainers. We were informed that the feathers are protected. So you would probably need a special permit to own a feather.


Next, we went down for a hike. The mountains always look different in the summer as we are so used to going down these mountains on either skis or snowboard. This is a view from the start of our hike down. We snacked on some (very small) raspberries on the way down. Wish we had gone in July instead during raspberry season!

Here’s a view of the village as we get closer to the bottom (notice you can’t see the village from the photo above).

View on our way down:

And this… all the trails are carved on this rock face!

So let’s get to the village itself. What I find charming about this village is that the restaurants and stores look like houses. Check out the photo below:

Lots of memories at this place:

This is the main square at the base of the mountain.

When in Tremblant, you must try some beaver tail (check out the sign on the bottom right).

And check out this… I think he needs help! Haha!

The above sculpture is just to the right of this kid’s ride (look to the right of the photo below).

Tremblant is a great place to just enjoy yourself, whether it’s on the slopes or the spas! There’s something for everyone… even a casino!


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