Baveno on Lago Maggiore

From Florence, we traveled to the northern part of Italy. Our final destination was Lake (Lago) Maggiore which is one of the three larger lakes just outside of Milan. Lake Maggiore stretches all the way up into Switzerland. The lake is surrounded by the prealpine mountains. This is a beautiful part of Italy and it’s no wonder many famous visitors come here which include Ernest Hemingway who set part of his novel Farewell to Arms in the Grand Hotel des Iles Borromees in Stresa while Prince Charles and Lady Diana stayed at the House of Borromeo on Isola Bella island.

We stayed at the Grand Hotel Dino in Baveno. Our room was located at the front (check out our view from the photos below).

View from the Grand Hotel Dino, Baveno

You can see the bell tower of Baveno's parish church from our room at the Grand Hotel Dino.

Close up view of the streets of Baveno.

After a short rest, we were eager to explore the hotel before dinner. This is the photo of the lobby with the wonderful stained glass ceiling. Through those doors directly ahead leads to the dining room with a spectacular view of Lake Maggiore.

Lobby of Grand Hotel Dino, Baveno.

Ceiling of Grand Hotel Dino, Baveno.

The next few photos below were taken from the rear of the hotel. We were hoping for a room with a view of the lake but we can’t complain as our view was also quite nice.

View of Lake Maggiore from the rear of the Grand Hotel Dino.

I believe that's Isola Madre. There will be more on the Borromean islands on another post.

Here's another view of Lake Maggiore.

Baveno is a small town. Their piazza where the city hall is located is quite small but charming.

Baveno's main piazza

I thought the parish church and the adjoining baptistery were treasures. I can’t explain it but they were magnificent in their own way and truly special. Both structures were small for sure but I didn’t expect to see the frescoes that we found inside the baptistery. It didn’t have the grandeur of the other cathedrals but it felt solemn and intimate. I felt like an intruder exploring these places and tried to be respectful. You’ll see what I mean, just check out the photos below. So as you walk up the stairs to the church, you first see a covered walkway. Intrigued,  so we carried on.

Stairs leading up to Baveno's parish church.

As we got closer, we realized that the covered portico housed frescoes of the stations of the cross.

The photo below shows the octagonal shaped baptistery and the Romanesque bell tower attached to the church (which I seem to have forgotten to take a photo of). However, I came across a blog by Diana Kaplan which has a photo of the church.

Baptistery located beside Baveno's parish church and the Romanesque bell tower.

Inside the baptistery were some beautiful frescoes. Check out the photos below. The first one I believe is of John the Baptist… pretty gruesome, isn’t it?

Fresco inside the Baptistery.

Ceiling of the Baptistery.

Fresco inside the Baptistery.

Fresco inside the Baptistery.

I may not have taken a photo of the outside of parish church but I did take photos of the inside. It was quite dark inside so I’m surprised that the photos below turned out as well as they did.

Facing the altar of Baveno's parish church.

This is the back of the church where an organ is located above.

We were sad to leave the beautiful town of Baveno. It was such a relaxing and calming place. The perfect town to unwind. We look forward to exploring the other lakes of the northern region.


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11 Responses to Baveno on Lago Maggiore

  1. Zelmare says:

    Loved your post and the pictures. One of my biggest dreams at the moment is to visit Italy! Lucky you! 🙂

    • Thanks and you should make it happen! I first fell in love with Italy 15 years ago when I went backpacking. It took me 15 years to go back. I won’t wait so long next time. Italy can be affordable! Just have to plan. I really hope you make it there soon! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. This is probably one of the only places in the world that could get away with baby pink-coloured buildings…! On a more serious note though, loving the frescoes – stunning.

  3. These photos are swoon worthy!

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  5. Debra Kolkka says:

    This place is gorgeous!!! I haven’t been to Lake Maggiore, but I want to.

    • Thanks Debra! You must try to go! I’m hoping to post another blog by next week on Isola Bella – that would most likely convince you even more to visit Lake Maggiore 🙂

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