2012 Canadian International Auto Show

A little different from my usual but I do love cars so here it goes…

Friday night, on a last minute decision, we decided to check out the Auto Show at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. It’s been a couple of years since we last went. Hubs and I both like cars. We like looking at the designs. We like to check out which ones we would consider buying. And of course, we like to check out the exotic cars. So without further ado, let’s start the virtual tour of some of the memorable cars we saw at this year’s Canadian International Auto Show.

We started at the south building. Right at the top of the escalators, a row of Fiats greet you.

Do we have any Fast and Furious fans out there? Here’s the 2013 Nissan GT-R:

This is always a fan favourite and no need to wonder why. It’s a beauty. I can’t believe they let you sit in it. Thank you Audi!

Loved this cute car again from Audi!

Are you a Toronto FC fan? Then this is the car for you courtesy of Kia.

Honda Racing

But I can’t believe this is the new Accord. Liking the matte finish.

The WRX got a makeover… but that is not paint!

Hello Bumblebee!

I bet my nephew would love this Hot Wheels inspired Camaro!

I can totally see Batman driving this Corvette. What do you think?

This one has one mean look. The design exudes speed. Make sure you check out the rear curves 😉

I was hoping to post photos of some of the exotic cars we saw but I am not happy with the way the photos turned out. The exotic cars were displayed in a much smaller room with lower ceilings. So, the photos showed the reflection of the overhead lights! So disappointing

I will leave you with this memorable Continental Mark II, built in the mid 1950’s. The most expensive vehicle at the time. It cost over $10,000 with the hard top, considering the average salary was only $2,000 per year! This vehicle is made entirely by hand! The vehicle below was actually damaged after shipping so to fix it, they made it into a convertible which jacked up the price to a whopping $18,000! Famous owners of this car included Elvis Presley (he owned two of them) and Frank Sinatra. This car was not profitable as Ford lost $1,000 for every one made. One last info about this car – the Continental Mark II formed the basis of the Ford Thunderbird.

And how would you fill up this baby you ask? Check out the photo below. It’s hidden behind the tail light!

Hope you enjoyed the miniature tour of some of the more memorable vehicles of the 2012 Canadian International Auto Show.


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