Exploring Siena

Basilica of San Domenico

The church of San Domenico was one of the first landmarks we saw as we entered Siena (aside from the Duomo which is the most prominent in Siena’s skyline). It is an example of a Gothic church. The basilica holds the only portrait of St. Catherine (considered to be authentic) painted by Andrea Vanni. It also holds the preserved head of St. Catherine of Siena which we went inside to see. Relics are important for a church because it basically signifies their existence and attracts a lot of pilgrims.

We didn’t get a chance to take photos inside of the church but I found the next two from Wikipedia. The second photo below is the chapel of St. Catherine which holds her head.

Piazza dei Salimbeni

Giuseppe Partini rebuilt this piazza after the unification of Italy. He removed the gardens of Palazzo Spannocchi to create the piazza. The statue of Sallustio Bandini is located in the middle. The palazzos of the Tantucci (left), Salimbeni (back) and Spannocchi (right) surround the piazza on three sides.

Piazza Tolomei and the Church of St. Christopher

The church of St. Christopher, located in the Piazza Tolomei, is one of the oldest in Siena. Click here for a virtual tour of the piazza to see Palazzo Tolomei which is located right across the church. Don’t miss the statue of the Sienese wolf that sits atop the column located in the middle of the piazza.

The Streets of Siena

Siena is enchanting… and to think I could have lived here many summers ago (that was the plan anyway). Want to see more of Siena? Take a virtual tour by clicking here!

The last couple of photos below was the view from our hotel’s outdoor patio where we had our dinner.


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4 Responses to Exploring Siena

  1. Debra Kolkka says:

    Isn’t Siena gorgeous? Your photos take me back there. I didn’t make it on this trip…..next time.

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