A View of Capri

The weather has cooled significantly in Toronto. The air is crisp and refreshing. Most of the leaves have now fallen but some are stubbornly clinging on the trees painting the landscape in vivid colours of red, yellow and orange. I love the sound of  crunching leaves under my feet. But I don’t like the gray, wet, damp weather that is common during these months as the days get significantly shorter. My thoughts have turned to summer and one of the places we visited last year – Capri.

It had been 15 long years since I was in Capri; so as we approached Marina Grande, I was eager to see how Capri has changed. I shouldn’t have been surprised to see so many tourists on the island, but I was. I couldn’t get past it. It wasn’t the same island I fell in love with those many years ago. I had looked forward to walking to Marina Piccola. But, I couldn’t muster up enough enthusiasm to do that, coupled with the unusual heat wave for that time of year, we ended up wandering the streets and doing a bit of shopping instead. However, we did manage to see the entire island from the water.

Marina Grande

Blue Grotto

Yes, the Blue Grotto is a tourist trap. It is not worth the money and I don’t recommend it. Knowing all that, we still did it. But consider yourself warned.

Let’s keep going around the island…

Punta Carena Lighthouse

The Punta Carena lighthouse is located on the westernmost part of the island.


From the water…

I couldn’t resist, the photo below is a view from the east courtesy of Wikipedia. I had to show you what it looks like from land.

Approaching Marina Piccola… check out the wooden sailboat!

Via Krupp

Via Krupp from above (via Wikipedia).

Arco Naturale

View from inland (via Wikipedia).

So check out the photo below, do you see the figure of a woman in the cavern? It’s not a carved statue, it’s just the way the rocks were formed.

That brings our tour around the island of Capri to an end. Would I return to Capri? Probably. There were many parts of Capri that we didn’t see. But I think we need to find another less visited island… Ischia, perhaps?


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3 Responses to A View of Capri

  1. THE VIBE 101 says:

    Oh my gosh, I love these pics!!! Absolutely gorgeous. Capri is still on the ‘to do’ list.

  2. zelmare says:

    Delightful! Would love to see it, even if it is overrun by tourists. 🙂

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