Grand Canyon in the Winter

A few weeks ago, we drove to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas. It was a five-hour drive. So, if you’re a passenger and you don’t get car sick, I have a list at the end of this post of some books you might enjoy.

It was our first time there. Just a friendly warning if you plan on driving there in the winter, it would help if you have a bit of experience driving in snowy conditions. It was overcast when we arrived there in the afternoon. It didn’t take long until it started snowing with white out driving conditions. So, just take it slow. The following day was pretty much the same weather. We were lucky to have a couple of hours to take photos. The clouds made for some dramatic scenery. I couldn’t resist turning some of them into black and whites.

20160104_140210_HDR 20160104_140233_HDR 20160104_141309_Pano 20160104_144537_HDR 20160104_144634_HDR B&W 20160104_144946_HDR B&WIMG_9616 B&WIMG_9644

The view from Desert View Watchtower


So which one do you prefer? The black and white photo above or the coloured one below?

20160105_112413_HDR B&WIMG_9687 B&W IMG_9702 B&W IMG_9714 B&W IMG_9722 B&W


Here we go… I loved The Martian by Andy Weir. And if you’ve seen the movie and haven’t read the book – please do yourself a favour, read it because it is so much better. The movie cut out a lot! When you start it, just make sure you have loads of time because you’ll want to finish it in one sitting. I kid you not.

Another book I thoroughly enjoyed was The Japanese Lover by Isabel Allende. A different pace from The Martian for sure but just as riveting. I’m not going to give summaries here because you’ll find those on the links I’ve provided. Here are other notable books I’ve read recently:


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